What Can I Do Now?


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PRAY America

Watch National Conferences on Free Webcasts

The Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C. hosted in the fall by the Family Research Council, Focus On the Family, and American Family Association. as well as other national conferences:


Participate in Local, National and Global Prayer Efforts

“More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of,” wrote Alfred Lord Tennyson. Be involved in church and community prayer efforts in your area.

National Day of Prayer

Global Day of Prayer

Operation Rolling Thunder

Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation

Host Your Own Health Care Townhall Meeting

Churches and individuals are provided resources by the Family Research Council to host your own Health Care Townhall meeting to inform your congregation and community.  You need to act quickly!  Everything you need is in this downloadable kit.

FRC website link to download kit:


PDF Kit itself (be sure and check it for active links to resources):

FRC Townhall Meeting Kit

Celebrate Constitution Day/Week

September 17 is U.S. Constitution Day

September 17-23 is U.S. Constitution Week

Read the Constitution or the Preamble to it.  Read the Declaration of Independence.  Take a patriotic field trip with your family. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Do something at home or work that brings attention to the protection of our God-given liberties.  PRAY FOR AMERICA.

The American Vision » We Need Watchmen to Sound the Alarm

In recent months, author Gary DeMar has been noticing how young families are taking action within their own circles of influence to return our nation to its founding principles. They’re learning that the place to start is in the home. They understand that to rebuild a nation a proper foundation must be laid. The leadership we have in Washington and in our state houses is a reflection of what we have in our homes. Change the family and you will change the nation. Read what the Head family is doing…(click on link)

The American Vision » We Need Watchmen to Sound the Alarm

Missouri Proposed Legislation

Addiction-Related Legislation






Faith/Family/Freedom Issues





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